SberCloud is a next-generation cloud platform that helps public and private companies store, protect and process data. The data cloud can be imagined, but cannot be seen or touched. Our task was to find an elegant and clear solution for visualization of services offered by the company.

Creative direction by Sergey Lavrinenko.
Original concept by Linda Kosichkina.
Design and stationery by Svyat Vishnyakov (Electric Red studio).
Motion-graphics by me.

Made at ONY

In search of a concept, we decided to work at the level of simple geometric shapes. Thus, the main characters of identity are spatial figures. All of them are made up of many elements connected in one structure. An abstract image looks cleaner than the physical images associated with data storage and security, and helps to create a memorable visual language.

Logo is a compressed version of the cube, which is used in graphics, works both in animation and static. It lives in same plane as the rest of the identity, strengthening and complementing it. The modern but utilitarian geometric grotesque creates a local rhyme with the lines of the main pattern. Ascetic number of pins and a clear grid layout does not clog the space and help easier to read information about complex products of the company.


To make it easy to use graphics, we have developed several 3D models of different shapes. They can be used in animation or cut into still frames and easily get new graphics. By rotating models and juggling scales, you can generate patterns of different densities and unique illustrations for a variety of client communication tasks.


Hyperlens AR

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