Dima Rodionov


This is a series of videos, which were made for Demo festival in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

A festival celebrating the finest motion from the finest studio’s, designers, upcoming talents and art academies from all around the world. Showcasing work for 24 hours on all 80 digital screens located in Amsterdam Central train station.

Barbed wire GOST 285-69-is a steel corrugated wire with a diameter of about 2.8 mm, which has spikes made of similar wire with a diameter of 2 mm. Made of low-carbon steel grades (1-2) KP, (1-2) PS, (1-2) SP. To protect against corrosion and rust, the wire is coated with a zinc layer. Barbed corrugated wire used for the construction of various types of fences and obstacles.

It is the one of the most popular materials for state-protected objects in Russia, like prisons and national border.

PO-2 plate is a heavy reinforced concrete fence of rectangular shape with ribbed ledges, that was designed in the 1970-ies by the main architect of the "Mosgorstroinadzor" Boris Lachman.

This particular shape has chosen for dust and rainwater self-cleaning purposes.Since there is no need to do a groundworks for the assembly of the barrier, the structure can be mounted in almost any terrain.
PO stands for plate of fencing, “плита ограждения” in Russian, and the figure “2” is size.

It is one of the most popular materials for industrial fencing in Russia.

Mesh netting “Rabitz’a” — structural material. Named after the German inventor Carl Rabitz, who, as believed, have invented it in 1878. The grid of this type is manufactured with a simple machine by twisting one wire into another. The raw material for the manufacture of mesh netting is low-carbon steel wire. Along with steel wire, polymer-coated and galvanized wire is used.

This kind of netting is often used to create private fences in Russia.


DEMO Festival was free for public and took place at Amsterdam Central Station on the 7th of November 2019 on all the digital screens within the station.



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