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Lepota movie identity

Lepota” is a film project exploring the history of Russian visual culture — from ancient times until now, from the origins of the Cyrillic alphabet and folk crafts to constructivism, metamodernism and the web. Dozens of well-known Russian designers and design studios filmed their short chapters, each one dealing with a certain object, phenomenon or era.

The main task was to develop a design for the film: the premiere screening, opening and end credits, landing page, and cuts between the episodes. The chapters are different in style, so it was important to glue them together with the cuts conveying the concept.
Our key goal was to organically and modernly convey our culture, so we decided to build a design system around the concept of space: where we are in the space of Russian visual culture that is represented by a snowy, foggy desert. We wander through it and sometimes stumble upon interesting artifacts of the culture.

Russian culture as the infinite space, a complex map that we are eager to decipher.

36 participants, 10 000 viewers, >50 cities

36 chapters of the film trace the history of Russian visual culture from the origins of the Cyrillic alphabet and folk crafts to constructivism, Soviet DIY and metamodernism. Art movements, objects, centuries are analyzed and discussed by contemporary Russian designers and design studios. The film creators explain the visual language of Russian icons, find motives of folk costumes in modern fashion, look at the baroque, classicism, Art Nouveau and other styles from the standpoint of modern design. The film is an attempt to decode Russian culture and find value in the forgotten.

Landing page

We created a website that compiles everything related to the film. Visitors can find information about each film participant, find screenings in their city, download soundtracks and stickers, and even play a game that was built specially for the film.


The gameplay is simple, yet immersive. You need to walk around a deserted area looking for artifacts from the film. There are 36 different chapters in the film that uncover the history of Russian visual culture. Each chapter is represented by an artifact that reflects on the chosen topic.
In the game you find an artifact, read about its history and collect it. Once you get all 36 of them, you receive a gift!


“Lepota” premiered on April 10, 2021 in “October” theater. Over 100 people attended.





Online school of design and illustration Bang Bang Education

Idea: Natasha Klimchuk, Olya Morozova
Creative director: Dima Rodionov
Producer: Natasha Klimchuk, Olya Morozova, Julia Sinitsyna

CG, motion design: Dasha Shmakova
UI/UX: Denis Valetin
Logo: Olya Pankova
AR, game: Sergey Khokhlachev, Sergey Zakharov
Mastering: Zhenya Suomi
Composer: Anastasia James
Sound engineer:
Stanislav Paushev-Neznakomov
Consultant, design historian: Alyona Sokolnikova

Many thanks to:
Bang! Bang! illustration agency, Delo-SL production and Elena Kareva, FLATLAY Studio, designer Katya Tsygankova, Tatyana Devayeva, Nastya Malyarevich, Larisa Arakelova, Oksana Timchenko, Tamara Totchieva, Misha Saprykin, Olya Pavlova, Asya Chachko, Margarita Maryanyan, Yura Shishkin, Vasilisa Karelova, Katya Schur, and all the current, ex and future members of the Bang Bang Education design school team.

Movie is available for free at Lepota website.



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