Creative direction and original concept by Sergey Lavrinenko
Motion graphics by me and Andrey Jandarov
Logo by Svetlana Turkina

Made in ONY

Intuition Engineering — AI-solutions consulting company, that helps to investigate behavior of customers in a store or to avoid breakdowns at work or, for example, to analyze the attitude of people to the news on the Internet. The main part of the team are practicing scientists, graduates of main state technological univercities. 

By integrating AI-technologies, Intuition makes the work of companies easier, and the huge amounts of necessary calculations remain behind the scenes. We set ourselves the task to show how a complex technological product can be simple and understandable for the client. The solution we found is a restrained, minimalistic design: calm, academic gray color, subtle graphics and modernist strict approach to layout.

The graphics are based on tracking labels and thin lines. On the one hand, this helps to avoid embellishments and emphasizes the academic way of the company, and on the other — gives room for movement and interpretation. Thanks to the obvious internal logic, this move makes it easy to generate new images for illustrations.

Neon plus sign — an icon to display incoming information. It turns into an independent element of brand identification, even without the use of a logo. This is the main sign of the new world created by the thought of artificial intelligence.


Intuition branding stands out from competitors who often choose complex and cumbersome graphics solutions. It is not tied to the Russian realities and helps in the implementation of the plan to enter the international market.



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