Dima Rodionov


The inter-regional educational center is an innovative platform that unites the WorldSkills Russia and the training center on its territory. The training center is a structural unit of the Educational centers, engaged in the training of specialists in the most popular and promising professions and specialties of secondary vocational education.

The technological and flexible style of educational centers expresses a new approach in modern education. At the heart of everything is universal for any format, built in the center of the composition: a frame with two diagonals and a regular octagon — the sign of the training center. This scheme allows you to clearly and simply brand any formats and media — from the A4 form to the facade of the building.

The project created a large database of application recommendations. We have developed standard solutions for interior, exterior, navigation inside the building and in the surrounding area.

Specially designed font Mech Regular has become a key element of the style. It is used in headings, signage and navigation.


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