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Belki 2016–2018

Belki is self-initiated contemporary jewellery project created and executed by me and Marina Doroshenko. The main goal of project is shape and material research. Project has been started at 2016.

We have started our brand with rings, and they were like no other. They were square. The shape happened to be actually convenient for fingers. We were mesmerized with right angles: since very start of the project we were designing our items using square shape as basis of style. It was deeply embedded as square cross-section of lines of our items.

We have started with rings which were 3d-printed with polymer and deeply painted in black color and has a wood-like appearance. We have begun to participate in local pop-up markets, introduced ourself to Moscow and Saint-Petersburg concept stores and launched site and Instagram. About a year after that we have made next step — new collection of rings made of silver. And a little later we have continued expansion with earrings and pendants.

Our goal always was to come up with original shape, made within our chosen brand square shape style limitations. However we haven’t stop experimenting: one of interesting designs we came up with was the connection of two separated rings or earrings with chains.

Model — Anna Evrykova; Photographer — Dmitry Rodionov; Make up — Polina Vazhenina; Hairs — Darya Sevanova; Producer — Oksana Epletina

Model — @kristindiya; Photographer — Dmitry Rodionov; Producer — Oksana Epletina

Brand identity

The main branded assets are packaging, business cards and stickers. All of that has square shape, resembling square cross-section of jewellery items. Design is simple yet bold, delivered on black paper with white silk screen printing.


The most unusual and quite interesting for us element of branding was expositional stands for Faces & Laces events in 2016 and 2017.
The event is massive annual festival of local culture in summer heart of Moscow — park of Gorky. It includes concerts of local bands, skater contests, local brands shops activities and many more. It is a serious platform, which gathers everything actual and new around itself and translate expert point of view to masses.
For the first year stand we have produced enlarged up to 3 meters version of our square ring.
Next year we have got inspiration from our logo, and came up with more aggressive, contemporary, yet practical solution.

During years of that project we have got and priceless experience in many adjacent spheres of design, production, economics, fashion and so on. We will keep it going as our favorite way of expressing ourselves.

Visit our project's shop — belki.pro and instagram — @belki_rings


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