Dima Rodionov


Made at Skinn Branding Agency™.
My role on the project — 3D and Motion design.

When two become one.

When two digital talent solution providers —NedWorks and Ariad— merged, the eternal challenge presented itself: how to brand this union? After the successful collaboration on branding NedWorks, SKINN was entrusted again with the task of forging a new identity linked closely to the group's vision and ambition. Skinn found common threads in the attitude and way of working of both companies, which together became drivers for the new yet legacy-rooted story.

Assess. Assemble. Amplify.

The unique Triple-A approach of the company was a key inspiration during the strategic-creative process. Embodied in the logo and present throughout the entire identity, it represents the way Ariad finds the perfect match as a recruiter. Assessing the context, Assembling the teams by bringing the right people together, and Amplifying the strengths of the business and the talent to generate growth—this mindset puts things in motion at Ariad. Our part of matchmaking was brought about by finding the expression for the bold characters at Ariad and NedWorks with, quite literally, bold characters in the wordmark accompanied by a minimalistic evocative emblem.

Digital, naturally.

Ariad is all about bringing top digital talent together. That’s why, with digital as the natural habitat of everyone working with and for the brand, we delivered a myriad of brand elements driven by motion. Together, the typography, gradient, and the recognisable flip-motion add a vivid, emotionally charged dimension to the brand.

Community captured in words and images.

Europe's top digital talent is united in one community that creates exceptional customer experiences. This profoundly human aspect of Ariad's activity shines through in the design system that enables maximum expression and puts people, not software, at the heart of all touchpoints. Natural, warm imagery combined with an authentic tone of voice becomes a platform for like-minded professionals.


A tailored approach to staffing solutions.

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