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Motion design for Alfa-Forum — annual conference dedicated for 30-year anniversary of Alfa-Bank — one of top Russian banks. At this event top-management set goals and frontiers for future growth and development. 

Motion design and art-direction by me.

Alfa-Bank’s creative direction by Irina Voloshina
Alfa-Bank’s art-direction by Vitaly Shitov.
Music by Yan Pavelchuk

The main idea behind motion design of the project is transformation of material entities into digital counterparts.

Banking becomes digital, that is why the branding of the bank is also becomes digital and much more abstract and minimalist. Event-badge and ribbon attached to it via carbine lose all their physical properties and becomes black and white typographical abstraction. That transition is the core of design.

Carbines and other climbing equipment resembles safety that bank brings to customers, while being at risky field of developing new digital solutions. Accentuated detailing of that equipment enhance physicality, while being aesthetic on its own.

Event was planned as offline conference, but because of COVID-19 pandemic it was brought to online-only format. Thus whole event by itself reflects the idea of digital transformation it was based on. 


I'd like to thank Irina Voloshina and Vitaly Shitov for their approach to the project and freedom they have gave me.
And also Alfa-Bank designers Dasha Polozhentseva, Egor Shatohin и Arseniy Mehovnikov.

Alfa-Bank brand typeface: Styrene A Regular, Bold and Bold Italic by Commercial type / Type.Today, Berton Hasebe, Ilya Ruderman, Commercial Type, Berton Hasebe, Ilya Ruderman (cyr).

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