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The countdown motion design inserted between scenes of the movie was made by Russian designers about Russian design. The movie was made by Bang Bang Education in an attempt to understand it's own mission as one of the biggest platforms of design education in Russia and the heart of the professional community.

The main source of inspiration for titles was the work of the highly famous Russian director Tarkovsky, which has plenty of strong emotional moments associated with water.
Art direction by Tim Cherny. Music is written by Misha Mishenko.

The premiere took place at the first hall of “October” cinema, one of the most prominent movie theaters in Russia. After that the movie was shown in dozens of cities around the country.

I was thrilled to able to participate on such an incredible film. I want to thank Natasha Klimchuk, Olga Morozova, Tim Cherny, Eugene Suo-me, Ksenia Komarova — the people behind this great initiative.


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